Distributed Computing

If you develop software where performance is an important consideration, it may be worth considering producing a parallel / distributed version. Software can be made to run at dramatically increased speeds by allowing it to use many processors simultaneously, rather than just one. Running software over 10 processors you may be able to make it run up to 10 times faster.

Using distributed communications software, the workload of your applications can be split and shared between many available processors, which co-operate in performing the work. The software can run on complex heterogeneous sets of computers, including multi-processor systems. No extra hardware or network re-configuration is required.

A network of PC's can be dedicated to running distributed software, or you can use one that is already in use. Most day to day uses of computers consume only around 5% of processing power. The majority of the networks processing power and disk bandwidth can be used for distributed applications without disturbing normal use.

Applications such as :

and many others may give great performance increases.

Distributed application characteristics